Setup LiquidOps on Voltage nodes (API based - pull)

This page describes the configuration process of LiquidOps with macaroons for nodes hosted on Voltage.

Setup in Voltage

After logging into your Voltage account, navigate the left side menu and click on "Settings". Scroll down to the "Connect Settings" section

  • Ensure that gRPC is enabled.

  • If you are using the IP Whitelist feature, include the following IP addresses:



Next, navigate to the Connect page from the left side menu.

In the Application menu, choose Manual option. You are invited to copy API Endpoint, Readonly Macaroon (hex) and TLS Certificate:

API Endpoint

In this example, the API Endpoint is "". Make a note of this value.

Readonly Macaroon (hex)

Copy the entire content of the field. In our case, the readonly macaroon starts with "0201."

TLS Certificate

Scroll down the page and locate the TLS Certificate section. Select the option to "Show base64" and make a copy of the value. In our case the TLS certificate starts with "LS0..."

Setup in Bolt.Observer

Log into your account at, and add your Voltage node to the Node page either by entering the alias or the pubkey. Read Getting started for more details on how add your first node.

When adding a new node to, please ensure that you wait for a duration of 10 minutes after its creation in Voltage. This waiting period is necessary to allow the node to be visible on the graph and successfully added to the platform.

Then click on Go to Node as shown below

On your node page, setup LiquidOps by clicking on "Enroll in LiquidOps"

In the subsequent menu, click CONTINUE under LND Node.

Now, you need to provide the following values obtained earlier:

  • In the field Address, paste the API Endpoint and add ":10009" in the end. In our example, he Address should have the following format

  • In the field Macaroon(hex), paste the Readonly Macaroon (hex)

  • In the field Certificate, paste the TLS Certificate

  • In the field Certificate verification type, select the option Allow when public key is the same. Voltage uses a short-lived Let's Encrypt certificate, by selecting this option you will avoid manual updates of the TLS certificate.

Once macaroons are configured, you will get the confirmation that LiquidOps is enabled as follows:

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