Include our relay by connecting to wss:// on your nostr client. Here is an example taken from an
nostr setup: Add a relay
In Settings > Network, add relay and click Add. Don't forget to click on Save relays publicly button.
nostr setup: add a relay
Lastly, make sure to follow the alerts account with the npub1qqqqqur6gc4nmtjke9gpncntwuf32xkrwud8wq5gwjp07n6qkhasv5qkpv pubkey.
nostr setup: follow account


There are two ways to create nostr notifications on The first option is during the workflow creation. Alternatively, you can also create notifications on the Notification page.

Option 1: Workflow with notification on nostr

When creating a workflow on, enter your nostr public key in npub format in the designated "Nostr Pubkey (npub)" field as shown below:
Nostr integration
Don't forget to click on Save Workflow.

Option 2: Notification page

In the notification page, click on Add notification
Nostr notification setup
Select nostr as a notification type as illustrated below:
Nostr notification setup
Enter your account's pubkey and click on Save.


To perform a test on your recently created nostr notification, navigate to the Notifications page and click on the Test button associated with your notification.
You will receive an alert test notification in your nostr DMs.
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