Channel balance


To use this feature, you need to have LiquidOps enabled with agent version 0.2.0 or higher or enrolled with macaroons.


Channel balance checks perform constant monitoring of your channels´ liquidity and report when the liquidity falls below a certain level. The liquidity is the available balance that can be sent across the channel in one direction as reminded here below (source lnbook)

Liquidity(NodeA) = balance(NodeA) - channel_reserve(NodeA) - pending_HTLCs(NodeA)

The channel inbound liquidity is the amount of bitcoin that a node can receive through that channel.

The channel outbound liquidity is the amount of bitcoin that a node can send through that channel.

Note: We make a difference between the inbound/outbound liquidity at a channel level and at a node level. The inbound/outbound liquidity of a node will be the sum of inbound/outbound liquidity of all its channels and can be monitored with Node balance trigger.

The channel balance trigger can be configured by selecting 2 parameters :

Liquidity type: Inbound or Outbound

Threshold: expressed in %

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