TCPBasic tcp check to see if your node is reachable on port 9735 over internet. Supports ipv4 and ipv6.Triggers are events or conditions that initiate a workflow. They can be based on various parameters, such as network events (e.g., connectivity, channel openings or closings, synchronization with the chain) or liquidity events (e.g., node balance, channel balance, and on-chain funds). The user sets up triggers and defines the conditions under which a workflow should be executed.

Reachability checks

You can use any combination of checks for your node,limited only by connectivity options you have - ipv4, ipv6, tor.

TCP connectivityTor connectivityLightning Connectivity

Node checks

Sync to graphSync to chain

Liquidity checks

Channel balanceNode balanceOnchain balanceChannel openChannel closeInactivity

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